TruLaser Tube 5000 parameters

CO2 laser source with an output of 3.2 kW 

Possibility of 3D cutting at angle of up to 45 degrees 

Max. cutting thickness of material: 

    • Mild steel: 10 mm 
    • stainless steel: 5 mm 
    • aluminium and its alloys: 4 mm 

Max. dimensions of input material: 

    • circular tube diameter: max. Ø 152 mm 
    • rectangular profile: described circle max. Ø 170 mm 

Max. input material length: 6500 mm 

Max. length of finished part: 4500 mm 

Max. input material weight: 20 kg/m

Trumpf TruLaser tubeTrumpf TruLaser tube

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